Film Appraisal

Based off 10 years of experience and traveling to Film Markets and other past deals and territory sales we can give you an estimate on what we think your film can bring in. This will be extremely helpful in your distribution negotiating. I wish I could have sent out my film to someone who has sold more then one movie when i started, matter of fact there are more people then you think that say that have produced lots of features and their imdb page even agrees, but how many of them have received distribution? How many produced cash flow? I would have been more prepared if I would have found someone that has made a profit on a movie.

For $119 my team and I will watch your movie from beginning to end. During this time we all have a rating card that I created that rates all aspects of what makes the film valuable. There are 33 factors that are scored on a “0″ to “10″ star rating. All rating are based on past films and their REAL sales, we also factor in the economy as I have sold films from 2003 to 2012, so I have seen the highs, and the lows.

After the screening is completed, the score cards from myself and my selected team will be combined to an average rating from all members, All members understand the Horror business, and also the artistic side to filmmaking. Once all cards are combined there will be a final score, ranging from “33″ to “220″ _ 33 being the lowest score possible and 220 being the highest score possible, these numbers are very important and is where the magic happens when appraising a movie. You will receive the average rating card with your score and an Appraisal for your film.

We appraise Horror Films only. One feature length film per purchase.

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